Backyard homes with endless possibilities.

The solution to the housing crisis isn’t building upwards or expanding outwards. It’s looking inwards—in your own backyard. Discover how you can get more flexibility and income potential by building an affordable Habitat ADU.

Upcoming ADU Webinars

Building an ADU in the Bay Area

Sat, Jan 30th, 10 AM

Building a Backyard Home in California

Wed, Feb 10th, 12 PM

Get the most out of your property.

Space for flexibility.

Create flexible space for work, family, or rentals. Our units are smartly designed to adapt to how you might use the space in the near future or down the road, and can be customized to meet your needs.

Money grows in your yard.

You’re not only increasing property value. You also have the option to make more than $30,000 per year in rental income. We offer transparent, all-in-one pricing and help you run the numbers.

Practically builds itself.

Say goodbye to cost overruns, missed deadlines, and unreliable contractors. Our units start at $179k, and include everything: permits, building, and installation.

Models starting at $179K, all in.

Our prices are designed to include everything – permits, unit, site work, installation, appliances, and inspection. 

You design, we’ll handle the rest.

You design, we’ll handle the rest.

Habitat is an all-in-one solution that builds ADUs at a price that can't be beat.

Get a free assessment.

We’ll save you time and figure out your eligibility to build, the estimated cost, and answer your specific questions.
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