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Considering an ADU? We have helpful information and can provide guidance on ADU development for existing properties, or ADU feasibility for new purchases. Loved learning about some of the new prefab companies like Habitat that are making it simple for homeowners to add detached ADUs, along with the advent of major deregulation around ADU permitting.

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CA passed a series of sweeping new bills that just came into effect Jan 1, 2020, that enable ADU, casita, in-law unit, or granny flat construction state wide, and removed discretionary local reviews. With the removal of permitting barriers to ADU development, demand is shooting up and more and more accessory dwelling units are being built in cities where it previously was near impossible, adding value to properties and creating more local housing.

ADUs are now possible whether you are looking to dramatically increase yields on an investment property at great returns, to create a detached home office, or to have added space for family. If you are considering building an ADU or converting existing space – reach out and let me know! We’re happy to provide guidance and advice on buying ADU eligible homes, or adding an ADU to your existing residence. We can point you towards feasibility reviews, free property assessments, or cost effective detached pre-fab builders like Habitat.

You can request additional information from erik@habitatadu.com


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