Natomas Labs, Inc. d/b/a Habitat

1 Letterman Drive C3500

San Francisco, CA 94115



PROPERTY OWNER: Name listed as “Customer” in Stripe Deposit Payment Page

PURPOSE: This Letter of Intent (“LOI”) is an agreement between Property Owner and Natomas Labs, Inc. (“Habitat”) to enter into negotiations to develop an Accessory Dwelling Unit (“ADU”). This LOI is an initial agreement between the parties to begin developing a proposal for the sale and development of an ADU at the Property Address indicated above (the “Project”). This LOI is effective as of the date signed below (the “Effective Date”).

CONSENT: Property Owner represents and warrants that he or she is the owner of the property located at the Property Address. Property Owner gives Habitat and its representatives or consultants permission to enter the property to assess the feasibility of and create a proposal for the Project. Property Owner gives Habitat and its representatives or consultants permission to act on Property Owner’s behalf to (i) engage consultants for the evaluation and preparation of the Project and (ii) prepare documents and conduct inquiries related to permit applications required for the Project.

PAYMENT AND DELIVERABLE: Property Owner will pay a proposal preparation fee of $1,000 (the “Proposal Fee”) to Habitat concurrently with the execution of this LOI. After the evaluation and preparation period, Habitat will deliver (i) a customized site plan for the Project, (ii) a design session conducted with the Property Owner and (iii) a proposal to Property Owner with an estimated cost for the Project. This LOI is non-binding and continues until the parties enter into a Master Services Agreement or similar contract to proceed with the Project. Property Owner may cancel this LOI by written notice to Habitat before entering into the next agreement. If Property Owner proceeds with the Project, the Proposal Fee will be applied toward future Project fees. If Property Owner elects not to continue with Habitat, then Habitat will refund the Proposal Fee and there will be no further obligations.

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